“Factors of disruption”

By Paul Wang

Tuesday November 17, 2020 @ 16:30

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Intervenant: Paul Wang
Membre du comité de gestion d’ICON NGO

Paul Wang is member of the management committee of ICON NGO. He is a Senior Executive, An EPFL engineer, Paul has more than 20 years of experience in the 4 BIG4s. Previously Partner, Regional Head of Fraud Investigation and Digital Investigation at EY Switzerland. Paul is a cybersecurity consultant and a university lecturer in risk management and economic crime investigation. He is an expert in Cybersecurity, Investigation, Litigation Support, Data Privacy, Risk, Compliance and Governance. CISA, CISSP, CISM, CRISC certifications and MIT Sloan School of Management in Blockchain Technologies certificate

Masterclass: “Factors of disruption”
We all would like to live in an ideal world filled with standards, rules, procedures, norms, beauty and comfort. In the past, our ancestors have already faced important events which radically disrupted their lives. Humanity has always lived in a continuous changing environment, called evolution. Today we are exposed to loads of disruptive interferences, like technology, global warming, pandemic situation, crisis, which all impact our routined life. Should we prevent them from happening or integrate them into our life? How can we benefit from those factors of disruption as a community and as an individual? The goal of this master class is meant to explain how to combine business and industry needs, technology like AI, drones, blockchain and well-being to promote the evolution of our ecosystem in order to anticipate the future factors of disruption.

Co-host: Icon

Based in Switzerland in Geneva and in EPFL Innovation Park, ICON NGO federates an International community of experts and specialists working on bringing TRUST in cyberspace, with a focus on cybersecurity and emerging technologies. 

Through concrete actions, innovative tools and best practices sharing, ICON NGO seeks to trigger awareness and understanding to share and demystify the information society in order to bring trust into the digital world.

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