Surprise Guests

Thursday November 19, 2020 @ 12:15

You’ve heard it a hundred times: entrepreneurship is easy, “just do it”. Well, no. Although it may seem easy on paper, handling the human factor is undoubtedly a significant barrier to entrepreneurship, both within and outside of organisations. And when talking about the human factor, we mean that which relates both to others and oneself. 

Nonetheless, despite the difficulties, students like us have braved the challenges and shown great character in moving ahead with their ideas while also doing their best to benefit others. Ideas which may translate in for-profit enterprises, but also non-profit ones.   

There’s one thing left to say, grab yourself something to eat, tune in at 12:15pm, and settle for what we hope will be open discussions on what it takes to stand for your ideas, your values, and bring them to life.

Or attend the livestream here