“Surviving a crisis”

By Annika Hartmann

Thursday November 19, 2020 @ 16:30

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Annika Hartmann
Managing Director chez Initiatives of Change Switzerland

Annika Hartmann de Meuron is in charge of Initiatives of Change Switzerland’s Ethical Leadership in Business and Trustbuilding program which aims to contribute to a better future by offering international business representatives a safe space for sharing leadership experiences, personal stories and expertise. In addition, her work focuses on the human impact of digitalization and trustbuilding in the digital age. Annika Hartmann de Meuron has an MA in International Relations and a MA in International History and Politics. She worked for many years as a Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for the Philias Foundation, prior to which she worked in the communications sector at the Global Humanitarian Forum and the PR-Agency Rochat & Partners.

Masterclass: “Surviving a crisis”
In this Masterclass on “How to (prepare to) survive a crisis”, Initiatives of Change Switzerland invites participants to explore how to improve their ability to deal with life’s set-backs, from normal stressful moments to big life-changing crises.
We will create a “survival kit” to serve as inspiration for a discussion about which day-to-day leadership habits best boost personal resilience. The survival kit will also help us see that there are opportunities for positive change in every challenge. In addition, young leaders will share how they have dealt with difficult situations to illustrate that overcoming challenging situations is a common human experience.

Co-host: Initiatives of Change Switzerland (IofC Switzerland)

Established in 1946, Initiatives of Change Switzerland (IofC Switzerland) organizes and coordinates international and local conferences, seminars and training in Switzerland, primarily in its conference centre, the former Caux-Palace, bringing together a true diversity of people.
IofC Switzerland provides a safe and privileged space to inspire, equip and connect individuals, groups and organizations from around the globe to engage effectively and innovatively in the promotion of trust, ethical leadership, sustainable living and human security.
IofC Switzerland operates in line with its key approach of bringing global change through personal change and with its core values of absolute respect for human dignity, of truth, solidarity and care at every level of public or personal life.

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