“Towards more diversity and inclusion in the workplace”

By Juliane Butty

Wednesday November 18, 2020 @ 15:00

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Juliane Butty
Head of startup at Platzi

Juliane is Head of Startup at Platzi, the largest online education platform for tech professionals for hispanics. She is also a Board member at Seedstars, accelerator and investor in startups from emerging markets, of which she led its expansion in Latin America and opened new branches in Mexico, Peru and Colombia. She defines herself as a digital nomad and has travelled in over 20+ countries. She loves to talk about new education models & remote work. If not through her work, you can likely meet her in the mountains.

Masterclass: “Towards more diversity and inclusion in the workplace”
What is diversity and inclusion? What does the data say about it? Why are we still lagging behind? What steps can we take to truly take advantage of the proven benefits of diversity and inclusion in the workplace?
The above questions will be approached with the right mix of data and personal experiences, punctuated by interactive and easily repeatable exercises to help us all assess our privileges and better understand how we fit into this issue.
As the data shows, diversity and inclusion is a strength to build on: so let’s reap the benefits and close the gap once and for all.

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