“Wellbeing industries”

By Stephanie Meeus

Tuesday November 17, 2020 @ 15:00

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Speaker: Stephanie Meeus
Co-fondatrice de “L’Orangerie 27 Rosiers”

Born in Belgium, I spent the most part of my life between France, Switzerland and Brazil. Upon graduating business school, I chose to explore the beauty & cosmetics industry. While proving invaluable, my 6-year experience in large companies, such as LVMH, also allowed my independent nature to crave more than the straight-forward retail product & development career. Over time, clean beauty became one of the major topics of conversation entertained with my roommate and best friend Kevin. Our passion for life and everything it offers had us convinced that beauty was meant to be understood as full-circle concept. Being both health freaks and world-conscious hedonists, we longed for clean beauty products that suited our lifestyle.

Masterclass: “Wellbeing industries”
During this masterclass, I want to talk about very strategic topics. One of the first one will be why launching in the US first and why the US is more in advance when we talk about the clean beauty industry. In the meantime, I’ll explain what clean beauty is and why it’s a very strategic and growing market today (with the pandemic). I think it’s also important to share my real experience on how launching a beauty brand. Finally, I want to talk about my vision of beauty. Why considering beauty as a whole? What is “L’Orangerie 27 Rosiers”?

Co-host: Global Shapers Community Geneva

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